Our Services & Platforms



1. We assist, and support women interested in learning more about Breast Health and Cancer Awareness. Help with Mammogram Appts, etc. We meet with our clients (Virtually) to ensure fast resolutions and convenience for our clients. We also provide a (continuously updated) customized Linkage Resource Hub list for those looking for more options of support.


2. We provide Top Tier Linkage Wellness Navigation services to assist women in finding sources, access and tools after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. (Telephone + Virtual Intake Process). The Linkage Empowerment League is composed of extraordinary, skilled and caring professionals that strive for making positive change within the breast cancer community.


3. We Connect & Build professional relationships publicly and online, with other organizations and local resources that support the advancement of our client's health & wellness. 


4. We create and curate Special Linkage CARE BOXES that are distributed (shipped or personally delivered) locally to those going through chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy. 


5. We have a 24/7, 365 LINKAGE LINE (240) 872-9219 that women can call, text or facetime daily for support, counseling and guidance in any area they need. 


6. We have Prayer Chats and Conversational Motivation options for those in need. Open Appointment Options.


7. We maintain Consumer Excellence standards with our LINKAGE ESSENTIALS Wellness brand. We handcrafted 100% Natural Skin and Hair products for all to enjoy. We care about wellness and protecting our environment, so our loyalty to our customers, is one of a kind! We have an Active Online Store (Linkage Essentials and social media platforms on IG and Tik Tok @linkageessentials. Home | Linkage Essentials (square.site)


8. We provide Linkage Wellness Institute public speaking at events to spread awareness and knowledge about Breast Cancer.


9. We offer (Arts & Craft-Workshop) Opportunities (Virtually or In-Person) for those interested in learning specific arts and crafts within the DMV area. 


10. We work diligently with our thriving Social Media communities at Linkage Beauty Movement on IG & Tik Tok (@linkagebeautymovement) to ensure that our Mission to Embrace, Encourage and Empower those fighting and surviving Breast Cancer stays our #1 priority! Our interactive social media platforms provide a safe space for women to connect, build bonds and be a part of a thriving, caring and empowering community full of fun post, campaigns, LIVE podcast and wellness activities such as yoga and so much MORE! We are available on any of our platforms to chat, and you can stay up to date on all things LINKAGE!


11. Starting (FALL, 2024) we will introduce our Linkage Little Blessing Grants Program. This program will have several useful financial grants available for women fighting and surviving breast cancer in the DMV areas. Assisting with basic needs such as Food, Shelter, Childcare and Transportation. 


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